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This things describe me. I love anime, and sure! I do cosplays, I love it. *3* Well, enjoy this multi-fandom blog! I hope you like it! My friends call me Whiite or Allen. Nice to meet you, otakus.



sketch trade with bonpyro - monochrome zombie au

haha she asked for some blake protecting weiss and weiss going stOP I can take care of myself but she has a huge blind spot srsly if not for blake that little shit would be dead long ago. but don’t worry, weiss is actually really thankful. she’s just tired of depending on blake all the time and wanted to be the protector for once

so amaze at the perspective. Wow ami let’s kiss. LOOK AT THEIR ADORABLE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE. I’m fuming with feels omg look at how hot they are look at Weiss being kawaii tsundere and Blake being all protective I’m swooning hardcore.


嵐間 ゆう/【腐】進撃ログ まとめ8

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Aka ka Kuro ka by Segda

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a bunch of practice nat doodles

I was rewatching the last episode of LoK (on my phone :)


And the scene where the red lotus is now breaking in and Bolin’s sleeping just before Pabu sees the intruders. 

Bolin is muttering in his sleep every time he breathes out. He said

"Kale, kale, kale. *inhales* Opal, Opal, Opal, Opal."

Bolin you lovesick dork. I love you.

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As long as they are here, our school’s tradition will continue to crumble. This cannot happen because tradition is everything. (x)

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☆ ☆ ☆ very precious ghoul boy kaneki !!! ☆ ☆ ☆